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Vital Car Care restores and protects your automotive finish.

Our Features

Car Shows

We are active at car shows, so let us know where you are and we can help you out.

Vehicle Inspection Sheet

We survey each and every car we detail to ensure we always have a plan of attack when going over your vehicle.

As Needed Detailing

Each vehicle is unique, so why choose a cookie cutter technique when it comes to detailing such a prize?


Automotive paint come in a variety of colors. Let us help you bring out the vibrance and luster that really makes you say wow!


Many pictures are taken through most all details to help us catch the true beauty of a cars finish come out!


The ones that touch your car are the ones who own Vital Car Care. We set the standard, and our standards are high.


DIY'r? Need help? Let us know how we can help. With advice on technique or product, we can help you get your car shining like new!


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From FOAM DAYS and Coffee & Cars Events, we are always available for advice on how to get your vehicles appearance up to snuff. Look for upcoming DIY events, coming soon!
Vital Car Care offers 6 month and 12 month maintenance packages. Already been detailed by us, let us know for special discounts.
Coming soon! A place to both arrange your details with us as well as get the right products to maintain at home!

When it comes to detailing, Vital Car Care has you covered.

We take pride in our work and earn our reputation. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

About Us

For the enthusiast only the best will do, so you would never let a typical car wash facility murder your baby's paint. Vital Car Care only uses the best products, the cleanest towels, and a detailing process to ensure the utmost of care is taken while cleaning your vehicle. We pride ourselves on keeping up with today's leading paint care technology and are proud to use and offer Chemical Guys products, as very few other lines live up to the Vital Car Care standard.